Will these tyres fit on the rims ok?

(Adam Hird) #1

Will these tyres fit on the rims ok?


(John Seaton) #2

If they don’t, you could change the model of the wheel rim to make it fit.

(Stefan van Essen) #3

Did they fit? Thinking about ordering them myself… :slight_smile:

(Adam Hird) #4

I bought some different ones in the end

(Nicolas Guillain) #5

You order ?, and is what it works

(Adam Hird) #6

I ordered these they worked fine. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4Pcs-set-1-10-RC-Off-Road-Car-Wheel-Rim-and-Tire-8020-for-Traxxas-HSP/32304449136.html