Will something like this, as I'm interpreting things,

(David Piercey) #1

Will something like this, as I’m interpreting things, be suitable to put between my 40W laser tube and the power supply (the big red wire) in my basic K40?

(Joseph Alexander) #2

yep that is the proper connector for the high voltage line.

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #3

Yes, I use the exact same one

(David Piercey) #4

@Domm434 Thanks for the confirmation!

(David Piercey) #5

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Thanks for the confirmation!

(Kelly Burns) #6

Every time I see these linked, I think “I need to order that to have on hand”. I’m doing it today. Reports are that they work great.

(David Piercey) #7

@Kelly_Burns Anything else worth having on hand like this? Replacing on principle (e.g., expected working life, replace before it goes as it going causes other problems)?

(Kelly Burns) #8

@David_Piercey not sure on life, but I have had lenses and mirrors develop cracks. I keep spare mirrors and lenses and power supply (cheaply K40) I would keep a spare tube if they didn’t have limited shelf life. When it gets closer to end of life, I’ll order a new one. Won’t be so critical when I get new DIY laser online.

(David Piercey) #9

@Kelly_Burns Thank you.

(Rodney Huckstadt) #10

can we get these in australia ? If I can get them local it would be great