will some one please help me out?

will some one please help me out? I just broke my y axis t5 gear and stupid me forgot to have a back up! would some one please print one for me? ill pay you. I just cant find a single printed gear online and the aluminum ones are way to spendy once shipping comes into play.

Will pla work? Shoot me a link to the stl file and I’ll print & mail one to you (it’ll be green tho :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’d recommend just spending the money and upgrading to something better. Might as well upgrade the Y and X axis with better belting and manufactured pulleys. T5 is just not that great of a profile for us.

How broken is broken? Cyanoacrylate glues work pretty well on PLA, and ABS can be solvent-welded with acetone to be stronger than before. Either one should easily be enough to get you to limping long enough to print your own replacement.

@Jason_Gullickson that would be awesome Thank you a ton.

My own experience, CA has never worked on PLA, and only one adhesive I’ve tried (silicone used to hold on rearview mirrors) has lasted. On on gear under rotational toque…I don’t think it’ll work at all. Ben, where are you, might help you find someone close.

No problem, just point me to the part :slight_smile:

@Jay_Couture I live in Southern Utah.

I’ll print it tonight and see how it turns out!

@Jason_Gullickson awesome! Thank you so much man. I owe you so much.

That model is not manifold, and Netfabb chokes on it too.

Well i just need any t5 gear I just chose that one because big gears teeth come out better and won’t brake again

Well, pick another. Might be best to choose one OpenScad so the hole can be customized to fit your stepper shaft.

Here is the results from cloud.netfabb on the other one

Why are you using that ?

Becasue I get his warning when trying to slice it.
22:58:21.529 : Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 3.000000-4.000000 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway.

No worries, I found a parametric scad file instead http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16627

Do need to know your motor’s shaft size in mm.

It’s a normal nema17 I think they have a standard size but I’ll go check right now

It’s a 4mm shaft.

Ok, and you are wanting an 18T pulley? Or the typical 8T one?