Will it ever be possible to "print" a dead person back to life?

Will it ever be possible to “print” a dead person back to life? (printing at molecular level, based on DNA information, 3D scanning of the subject, and a very detailed brain scan with all synapses/neuro-connections so as to have a full sense of identity, not just a mere clone) – I’m sure we’re not there yet, but could it be in the foreseeable future?

Getting hold of the molecules would be hard and expensive but maybe if the used the molocuels from the dead person it would be possible

Even assuming that there is nothing more than the body to life, you’re not really thinking this through. Which version are you going to rebuild?

The young version which doesn’t have all the memories and experience and is therefore not the same person? Or the old version that just died who is then going to … die. Or the version that just had an accident so you’re going to rebuild with accident injuries? Or will rich people get a new scan every day so that if they happen to die during the day they can be rebuilt? Bit morbid to have to remember to do that, don’t you think? (Like that appalling child’s prayer “If I should die before I wake”)

And how about the person who has himself rebuilt to use as spare parts? There have been plenty of SF stories around this subject. It doesn’t work very well.

Personally I suspect you’d just end up with dead meat.

And in the foreseeable future? Well, if it happens then you foresaw it so the answer is yes. If it doesn’t, then no.

(I write SF/F so I think about these things.)

is an alive person just a set of ordered molecules? … anyway… we “do create” live usually… ask my parents :slight_smile: and without a 3D printer :slight_smile:

Wasn’t that concept used in Star Trek once. They used the stored molecular sequence from the transporter unit to resurrect Spock. After that episode, I wondered why they didn’t just always store the sequence of the sacrificial red shirts.

@Robert_Wozniak May have done it other times but the Next gen episode Relics Scotty had stored himself in the transporter buffer. That episode also has a Dyson Sphere (awesome).

That was from memory and yes indeedy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relics_(Star_Trek:_The_Next_Generation)

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