Why outgoing email is sometimes disabled

Sometimes, you will see a site banner for a few minutes or hours that says:

All outgoing email has been globally disabled by an administrator. No email notifications of any kind will be sent.

This happens automatically during various administrative tasks, such as when we are in the process of importing more content from Google+.

When email is disabled:

  • No email notifications of changes during this time
  • New user signup activation emails will not be sent during the import process

If you see that email is disabled:

  • First please just try to log in “with Google” — you may already have an imported account from the Google+ data rescue project, and not require a new account at all! This is best.
  • If you do not yet have an account, we recommend that you check again in a few hours to create a new account if outgoing email is disabled.

Makerforums is very unusual to have an existing, live Discourse server into which old posts are being intermittently imported. We apologize for the delays while we rescue many tens of thousands of Google+ posts and hundreds of thousands of Google+ comments!

We have finished importing most of the posts we will import from Google+ — over 50,000 posts, and well over a third of a million comments. We have a few more smaller imports to complete. There are other reasons that this message happen from time to time, including some site updates, but it should be infrequent now.

We welcome you to our new maker community!

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I’m finding I do miss posts because of email turned off. I understand why you need to do that, but looking forward to when email can be on so posts are shared in near real-time. Thanks for all the great work on this forum!

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To be clear: I don’t actually do that. The system does it on its own, and it seems to do it during other bulk operations as well. I’m looking forward to that notice mostly going away soon. But given my call for nominations for additional communities to archive, could keep showing up intermittently for a few weeks. Hopefully when you check in you still see notification badges in the upper right-hand corner next to your chilipeppr avatar?

Now importing the old smoothie forums from wikidot…