Why is this community represented with an ugly image?

Why is this community represented with an ugly image?

image quality ? or you mean the reprap in the image ?

A kid would be afraid of such complex image/machine.

Maybe a G+ 3D printing community ‘logo’ could be made, then print the logo and do a picture of the thing mid-print or closeup of nozzle and layers :slight_smile:

Maybe something that catch the eyes, with colors and plastic (which is the image I have about 3D Printing).

If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Darwin, the granddaddy of all the FDM printers any of us have. Our past is not ugly.

IMO, that’s ugly image.

While I find the first self replicating 3d printer to be a thing of beauty I can see where an image of our first machine to be a bit limiting as far as the scope for this group. This is not just a Reprap group it’s a 3d printing group. I think darwin might be the only machine we could agree on… I have but it’s 4 very productive years old. IMHO a geared heart would be a better choice.

I put that up to replace the poorly-lit mendel picture that was originally there, but there’s an overlay that makes the colors look dingy and G+ forced me to over-crop it. Suggestions for a better image to use are more than welcome

The Darwin picture is perfect. Let’s take people’s previous comments into consideration before weighing their opinions here too heavily - Jorge I remember you going on for at least a month about how RepRap was the “worst 3D printer ever”. Let’s not duplicate that unproductive thread.

@Jeff_Keegan yes, I hope that ugly picture from a RepRap 3D printer don’t stay on this “3D Printing” community to much time, since that would be bad representation of the “3D Printing”. Sure that a Makerbot last model or Cubify have a much better image.

I like the Darwin pic. Definitely wouldn’t want Cubify up there and kind of sour on Makerbot at the moment.

3D Print is not equal to any of them BUT to all of them.

Picture of @Josef_Prusa 's open hardware honeycomb tattoo

I thought about that too, but the pictures were already cropped a bit tightly (the system forces you to crop it further) and the color didn’t look great. The original design for the tattoo would be cool, though.

@Jorge_Pinto unfortunately for makerbot, this community will probably be heavily interested in open designs. We sure won’t ever be putting makerbots replicator 2 up there.

Makerbot latest 3D Printer is a very good one, like many others that are comercial. If happens as you say, this community is a big fail since it doesn’t represent big part of the 3D Printing.

This community isn’t for commercial printers, it’s for OPEN printers generally. We won’t be posting stratasys stuff here either. We won’t be posting 3D Systems stuff here. And we surely won’t ever be putting the replicator 2 up as an image that represents this community. Because it’s quite the antithesis to this community. However, we do welcome makerbot users, because they are still part of the community and things are largely no different for their machines than a reprap or other open designs. Much of the previous makerbot designs did have open designs to them as well, so they are welcome here. The replicator 2, however…can take a flying leap in my own opinion.

If this community isn’t for commercial printers and only for OPEN printers generally, then it shouldn’t be called “3D Printing”, is a total FAIL.