Why is it so dead?

Why is it so dead? Anyone making anything on their 3d printer or making progress on their build? I’m still wainting on my viki LCD. It’s out of stock…

Just waiting on my parts to trickle in then the building starts I’ll also have a form 1+ arriving in the mail soon

@Derek_Schuetz wow, nice.

Looks like you can get a Viki 1 on eBay for $50, you would need to use the spider v1 mount.


But I do recommend the viki2, it works better with smoothieware I think (others had trouble with viki1 if I recall).

Quiet because I… Found out that I inadvertently… Printed an entire set of Eustathios v2 parts at 107% size… >.<

LOL how did you do that? I am guessing you did not re-scale it but your calibration was off?

I will get busy here shortly, I am only waiting on Misumi and Robotdigg orders…and I am building two complete system one for me and the other for a local friend.

I rolled back to an older marlin config where I had improper steps.