Why I have love-hate relationship with my delta printer...

Why I have love-hate relationship with my delta printer…

I printed most of a set of Herculien parts before I realized I had done something stupid.

When changing delta radius to get the motion flat again I neglected to adjust the diagonal rod offset. The result is a set of 99% sized parts.

My bowden is not completely solid/tuned either as you can see by the poor restarts near the screw holes. Making the thinner under extruded appearance on the smallest parts.

*Time to order more filament…

A friend of mine runs http://atomicfilament.com and he makes high specification PLA and ABS (+/-.04mm) filaments.

I have tried a couple filament suppliers and this stuff is just solid.
I used to be protopardigm believer, now I know atomic is the bomb :wink:

Different colors print at the same temps or very very close. Strong layer bonding when printing at the right temps, beautiful colors

*sorry for the sales pitch but I love this guys stuff