Whosa whatsis , Josef Prusa ,

@Whosa_whatsis , @Josef_Prusa , I’m kind of looking to you guys on how this community should be organized/developed. You can edit everything on the left hand side actions dropdown. Feel free to change pictures, add tagline, or organizational sections. Notifications can eventually make a community very busy and overwhelm you, so it’s ok to turn those off. :slight_smile:

thanks for kicking it off!

Was there a trick to turning off notifications for just the community?

Ans in the left pane , under the picture there is a bell. Click it to off , notifications for group are silenced.

If you’re looking at the community page, on the left hand side you can turn off notifications for the community. It’ll help you not get flooded. :slight_smile:

there is a bell on the left that does it?