Who's developing the Materials Database for LW4?

Who’s developing the Materials Database for LW4? I’m trying to do some documentation but having issues with some of the form fields. I wanted to talk through it before I open a bug on Git.

The structure I believe was done @Jorge_Robles

Is it considered code complete or is it still in progress? It seems like there is still some work left when tring to add new material operations.

I haven’t used it properly yet. Let’s wait for him to confirm

@Carl_Fisher The material database is being overhaul to fix that issues, I’m aware. Issues are filed under https://github.com/LaserWeb/LaserWeb4/issues/39, you could post comments there. :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Robles Thanks :slight_smile: I just wanted to set my own expectations. I’ll hold off on any documentation for now.

I did look at the code last night thinking I may be able to lend a hand, but it reminded me just how much I don’t know about React :frowning:

Its a bit messy right now. I will cleanup dont worries

I added some comments to the GIT issue - just something to think about that may or may not help

Thanks, I will check later :wink: