Whoops... I accidentally bumped my J-head to 250 degC for 3 minutes during a

Whoops… I accidentally bumped my J-head to 250 degC for 3 minutes during a print job. So far no sign of damage… I wish my all metal e3d hot end would hurry up and arrive sometime soon.

250C for 3mins? lucky.
Indeed, though I got my shipping notice, so hoping to see my E3D soon.

Ditto here on waiting for the e3d!

What hot end are you currently using 250c is only 10c above what I run my j-head at depending.on the ambient temp in the room.

I have yet to try nylon, witch is next on my list.

Speaking of which, that reminds me I need to order my QUBD barrel. Everything except the cold end, which I’m gonna use T-slot for. Saw this first on the Bukito and I’m gonna try it myself soon.

@Robert_Wozniak @Nope_Nope @Jason_Ray
Hey guys, I just trawled through my order tracking system for your orders, and they are ALL in the post right now.

The updated V5 assembly manual is up now too, so do check that out:

I hope the assorted postal services get you your stuff pronto!

@Sanjay_Mortimer thanks for the good news! Just made my day.

I have a j-nozzle also, and it’s my understanding that 240C is about max before the PEEK begins to soften, and the PTFE liner starts to break down.

@Robert_Wozniak 246-248C, and the PTFE can be run up to like 260-275C

Thanks… Im probably ok then since it was only for a few minutes. Im glad I caught it when I did though. Also, nophead sets up the thermistor tables very accurately on the mendel90 firmware.

Yay… My hotend arrived today. Everything is in good order. I had to modify the fan shroud slightly as the holes did not line up very well. I’ll install it sometime in the next couple of days and will report on how it’s working.