Who out there is using the smoothieboard on the HercuLien?

Who out there is using the smoothieboard on the HercuLien? I worked with @Dennis_P and have made several solid steps forward, but somewhere I am still missing something with the Z height. I looked back in the discussion history for the proper calculations, and tried twice with the Triffid Hunter Calibration Guide, and tried the setting for gamma with the results, but I still cannot get it right, so I am asking what your setting is for gamma:

alpha_steps_per_mm 80 # Steps per mm for alpha ( X ) stepper
beta_steps_per_mm 80 # Steps per mm for beta ( Y ) stepper
gamma_steps_per_mm 3200 # Steps per mm for gamma ( Z ) stepper

This is my last setting, but it is wrong. I doubled the 1600 because initially it seemed to be half the proper height. I may have calculated it wrong too. Each time I calculated I tried a print, but all have not gotten me to 50mm on the test cube for the height.

I do have the standard BOM parts, 12 mm lead screws (2mm pitch), with 36 tooth on them, and the 20 tooth on the stepper motor. Standard motor with 1.8 degree step as well.

Great way to get the right ammount here

According to the calculator, 3200 is correct :confused:

It all depends on what microstep you run on z

Lets say you run 1/8 microstep on Z (I usually run Z at less since resolution is way overkill already.

((200steps*8micro)/(20/36))/2mm = 1440

2880 at 1/16 microstep

@Eclsnowman Thanks for that, that matches what i got from the http://prusaprinters.org/Calculator; I just put that in and started a new print. I was doing those calulations on paper, Dennis pointed out the on-line one.

@wes_jackson Thanks for that link!


@Eclsnowman @Dennis_P @wes_jackson Thanks for helping an old man learn, lol!

@Bruce_Lunde ​ looking much better, but I see a distinct z wobble at almost exactly a 2mm pitch. Next thing you should review is alignment of the z axis throughout it’s range. Looks like leadscrews misalignment is introducing an eccentric wobble into the bed.

+Eric Lien I will take a look at that. I know I still have a couple problems to solve, based on prints last night, maybe retraction based on the “fuzziness” of these edges?