Who has heard of FabTotum? It's a lot more than just a 3d Printer.

Who has heard of FabTotum? It’s a lot more than just a 3d Printer. It has interchangeable heads for producing goods from more than just extruded plastic and it retails for $1,099!

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Another dumb ass idea. How do you keep metal filings out of the mechanism. Really stupid idea unless you spend serious amounts of time doing a heavy duty thread drive. And before anyone poo poos my comment I worked on CNC lathes and milling machines and NC before that and know my stuff

It seems to me that the combination printer/mill has been tried before, and has always resulted in disappointing results no matter which mode you run it in.

Using the print head to run a scanner is an interesting idea, and I’d like to see what mechanism they’re using to do it, but until I actually see the plans (or a working unit) I’m skeptical and wouldn’t be willing to spend anything on it.

Allthough I agree with the above, I’m still not prepared to write of the qu-bd RPM, it looks to me like they may have found a good in between point: metal frame, beefy/twinned steppers lead screws etc. Of course it won’t be the fastest fdm machine because of the screws and you wouldn’t want to mill steel, but it certainly has potential for dual uses (IMO) http://store.qu-bd.com/product.php?id_product=45

@Stephen_Baird @Tim_Rastall you wouldn’t want to mill any metal. As a total strip down would be required. Even then your unlikely to not have contamination. Scan head, print head great. You want to mill/ drill a separate machine is required.

@Nigel_Dickinson Disagree, I’ve milled some metal too and cleaning with compressed air should be fine as long as you’re not using immersion cooling. After all, you just need to ensure that the build area doesn’t get contaminated with milling debris.

I doubt this could mill anything more then the foam they show it doing - not only from the shavings issue, but the strength necessary to mill any metal (even softer aluminum alloys.) Circuit board holes are possible, but a bit silly, as buying small production runs of pcbs is laughably cheap in many cases.

@Tim_Rastall that you used compressed air just shows you’ve no idea how small the piece of metal are. Metal magnets and electronics are a great mix if you don’t know what your doing. This machine is aimed at beginners so do you think its going to be used right. If you want to print and mill you want milling machine with a print head.

Yes Nigel, I am aware of how small the filings are. I’ve cleaned mills with brush, shop vacuum and finally with an air gun to clear away any remaining swarf. If the electronics are’t protected then that’s just a design flaw. And I’m not talking about this Fabtotum thing here, the RPM looks like it’s been designed to be cleaned, after all the guys that run qu-bd are machinists so I’m inclined to believe they’ve thought about this.

I don’t think they have. Ive been looking at doing this myself. To do it properly you talking $3000 unless your profit is in spares. And that a dodgy root to losing customers.