Who has found the “On Shape” app to be helpful when designing on the

Who has found the “On Shape” app to be helpful when designing on the go? Does it provide much benefit over other mobile apps from other major software (I.e Autodesk)? If interested, can folks give me an idea of what they use on the go, if any?

I really like Onshape. Have basically only done modeling on my desktop though. It has been convenient to pull designs up on my phone though to show someone something or check a measurement. Phone screen just seems a bit small to work on for me. If I had a tablet I think that would be fine though for on the go work.

Yes, that’s the way I felt. I’ve only seen it as a mobile app and I haven’t figured out all the commands yet. Do you know if it can fully integrate into Fusion?

Onshape can export STEP files that you can bring into Fusion 360 to do your CAM.

Using Onshape both at work and on my projects at home. 3D modelling and CAD in the cloud gives me the possibility to work on a project whenever there is a internet connection available. It’s quite amazing to be able to do complex 3D modelling on a low cost Chromebook!
A lot of addons are available both free and commercial.
My normal workflow is to export my models as STL and let CamBam do the G-code but there are for sure other possibilities as you can see of my screenshot.
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