Who has any experience with the Makiboxes to share?

Who has any experience with the Makiboxes to share?
I’m particularly interested in it’s reliability. Are unobserved 8h prints realistic?
How well does the first layer stick? (= can you start a print remotely without observing the first 1-3 layers)

No one but @Jonathan_Buford .
It’s not out, yet

Didn’t they already ship the larger one and just the LT is new?

No, nothing shipped yet.
They are working on the Betas right now.

We are working on the beta units this week.

Yes, I think it will be good for that. It would be possible to automate pushing the finished part off the table even without problems. The only problems we have had recently is just with the extrusion, but that seems like it is working well now.

I see.
I ordered a Makibox LT as a secondary printer to have while I’m upgrading my ToM to a Type1 SeriesA.
My old RepMan is now sold.

I still have leftover titanium and a heated bed. So maybe I’ll design myself a nice heated conveyor belt for the Makibox LT. :slight_smile:
But first it has to be here and show that it’s reliable and doesn’t fail (extrude too much or too little, grind on the filament or slip) or the object detaches from the bed in middle of the day while I’m away for 8h of work or sleeping.
Never worked with 1.75mm filament before.

@Marcus_Wolschon tell me a little more of the ToM to Type1 SeriesA conversion. I have a ToM with sailfish on it and it’s still working great but I do love Upgrades :smiley:

@Michael_Audette http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35372

Not sure that you will have the same results with other heated beds. YMMV as they say. We have never had a problem with our design.

Will be interesting to see how the Ti works. Hmm, wonder if the thermal expansion is similar to Stainless. We saw that the Aluminum beds were more likely to bow due to uneven expansion with our laminated design. The stainless stays flat.

Thermal expansion of 0.025mm titanium foil is neglectable.
That’s why it’s used instead of the original PVC belts.
It is a good insulator but at this thickness that’s neglectable too.
Just needs a proper tightening mechanism (both sides of the axis independently) any may need a leveling-mechanism for the conveyor belt.

Ah, I was picturing plate, hmm should be interesting.