Who ever said a Kit cant be professional?

Who ever said a Kit cant be professional?

The FABkit is an all aluminium high-quality entry level CO2 laser cutter. Designed for quick and simple assembly. The FABkit is an opensource platform designed with space for hack-ability and future upgrades.

For more information about the FABkit visit http://www.fabcreator.com or ask here in the community.

Dammit Peter, I can barely keep up with you. Now I have a Cohesion 3D to build AND the OpenCNC V2.0 and you go dangling this in front of my face. If this thing can cut parts of a 40cm by 40cm sheet, I will want one of some kind.

@Samer_Najia ​ it has a cutting area of 40x60cm. :slight_smile:

Great, just great. I can only buy this guy so many beers…:stuck_out_tongue: