which version of marlin you use ?

which version of marlin you use ?
Ramps 1.4

Which printer? HercuLien? Eustathios?

My personal printers now all run smoothieware based boards by Panucatt Devices. I run an Azteeg X5 Mini V3 on me Eustathios, and an Azteeg X5 GT on my Herculien (sorry this board is not yet officially released).

My HercuLien used to run an Azteeg X3 which served me well for many years.

eustathios V2

I recommend the Azteeg X5 mini V3 if you don’t already have a controller.

But that’s not Marlin. That’s smoothieware.

Running Repetier firmware on a Arduino Due / RADDS 1.5 combo. Started with Marlin on an 8-bit AVR/Ramps combo and eventually gave up. Bottom line not fast enough when using a high degree of micro stepping.

what is the difference between arduino + ramps and the Azteeg for example ? That improve your quality ?

@Eclsnowman ? :slight_smile:

Ramps is 8bit controller, smoothieware board like an Azteeg x5 mini v3 is a 32bit board. 8bit boards are perfectly acceptable at slower speeds. But as you speed up you will eventually run out of computational power and motion can stutter resulting in poor print quality.

IMHO if I was building a new printer today I would only use a newer style controller. The cost difference is negligible and you have a setup with better future proofing. Also smoothieware has an easier configuration method, and as of recent updates even better acceleration/motion planning.

Thank you for you explication :slight_smile: