Which filament would be closest to Ryobi green?

This is probably going to sound stupid, but does anyone know which filament would be closest to Ryobi green?


That color is called “safety yellow”. When I search on Amazon, I see a couple of 1kg spools of 1.75mm PLA filament, but they’re from Australia and expensive.

Have you ever seen their tools in person, or just the pic? It’s really a lot more green than that

Neon lime green?

I have those Ryobi tools myself and have beaten them over and over again on my projects. I love how many tools they have that take the same battery.

@Ross_Bagley okay, interesting. I have a nice set of the tools and also a bunch of safety yellow stuff for cycling and the yellow seems a lot more vivid…

This is the closest I’ve found comparing online photos to online photos… https://www.amazon.com/ColorFabb-Fluorescent-Green-PLA-Filament/dp/B010P3ICGA

I would agree that not all safety yellow stuff is exactly the same color. It’s supposed to have a very specific reflectivity profile, but there are still differences.

I would try the filament you found and see how close it is.

a quick google search tells me that the ryobi is supposed to be Pantone 376 C. What would be ideal would be to find someone who could I could order the 3 euro sample for w/o 30 euros in shipping and have them print a 1mmx10mmx30mm color sample and air mail it to me, keeping the rest for themselves.

@Tom_L I do not believe that the Ryobi tool color is Pantone 376C, i just checked my pantone chart and it seems too dark. I just thrown away my Ryobi cordless drill the other day tough, so i cannot really do a direct comparision.

I do have a spool of Colorfabb Fluorescent Green tough, and i think it would be a pretty good match to what i remember the tool to look like. It is not really a safety yellow, it is more greenish.

Colorfabb Fluorescent Yellow compared to Pantone 376C
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Fillamentum has colours according to RAL, so check one of their 5 yellows and also some greens. https://fillamentum.com/collections/pla-extrafill?page=1

@Tom_L : If you really want Pantone 376C, the Green filament from Innofil3D is a pretty close match
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I have about 30 (EDIT: not 340 , that was a typo…lol)of the tools in the Ryobi set, I love them. I will see if I can find a color match for you.

Probably Lulzbot’s proprietary color would be closest. Not sure what it’s called. Probably Lulzbot Green.

Thanks everybody! I thought that Pantone color didn’t look right on the screen, but it kept coming up in the searches…

We have this in PCTPE 2.85mm only.

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That’s a great match – what is it?

by which I mean, do you have a link to where i can buy it?

You can purchase this on our site by buying a spool of 2.85mm PCTPE and then send an email asking for Bright Green rather than White or Black. It comes on 1lb spools. If you need a larger spool, just contact us via the website. http://taulman3d.com