Which Duct Tape Brand is the Best? Let's find out!


Interesting. I have Gorilla tape on hand primarily because it’s very good at weeding masking from my laser engravings. Trex had almost double the adhesion so it might be better at that task than Gorilla. Hmmm maybe I need to do a test comparison for masking weeding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sticky Ass Tape has a rather adolescent name but it stands out particularly for outdoor use. I use it for things that I want to stay put…

Also, those aren’t duct tape… :roll_eyes:

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One thing I actually like better about gorilla tape is its ability to pull it off cleanly without leaving residue. That makes it work better for a solid but temporary holding method. Would have been nice to see the test show that between tapes. Ambient tempo results… and after heat has been applied and cooled. Normal duct tape tends to do terrible for actually sealing ducts :slight_smile:

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Normal duct tape typically does quite well for sealing solid metal ducts, though nothing seems to work great for flex duct. Normal duck tape is terrible duct tape, but good for shedding water. Just sayin’


For metal ducts I tend to go with aluminum foil/flashing tape. Sticks like gangbusters, and adhesive is heat resistant.