Which cheap 3 axis driver you would recommend me buying?

Which cheap 3 axis driver you would recommend me buying? I want to make a cnc for cutting styrofoam and a little bit of plywood.

This is the cheapest one I found, but if I can buy something better for 100-150 USD I would go for it


Expect the mentioned maximum voltages to be at or slightly above the absolute maximum ratings and the ampere too.
I have 3x 4A drivers burn down. They where used at 2A and 48V with a rating of 50V for use but turned out to be 45V max peak and 42V for actual use.

Check out tinyg its what im planning for my next project

I sell in my store (http://www.g7electronica.net) the cnc3ax board for only 92€

TB6560s work. But as @Marcus_Wolschon pointed out your running maximum voltage will be higher than your input voltage. I know for a fact that a TB6560 will perform OK at 24 VDC input, past that I’m not so sure.

I’ll vouch for the TB6560 3-axis board running at 24v as well. It’s a good starter board to start with

My suggestion would be to buy one from ebay that is in the aluminum enclosure. The last thing you want to do is short out your shiny new board.