Which brand of Grbl will work on this board?

It has a 32 bit stm32f4 chipset so would GrblHAL run on this board with the pins allocated accordingly?

Many thanks!

It’s not listed here that I can see:

It is supported by Klipper and Marlin so the information is out there, but it looks like it would take development work to support that board in particular. That development would probably mostly be a pin map, but I haven’t looked into how to do that.

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Or it can be used with Remora( using an rPi running LinuxCNC )… GitHub - scottalford75/Remora: Remora is a free, opensource LinuxCNC component and Programmable Realtime Unit (PRU) firmware to allow LPC176x and STM32F4 micro-controller controller boards to be used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi to implement a LinuxCNC based CNC controller.

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I’ve done a pin map for a cnc shield before and it’s just a matter of going along with the multi-meter.
However, there is such a diversity of code here, for me a complicated compile process and having blown up:
several boards and a £500 laptop in the last 3 months I’m not in a rush to start playing around again!
Linux btw is a no go.

Thanks for your time gentleman.

it ships with Marlin and I would expect the source for Marlin they used which would have the pin mapping defined in those sources. I don’t see why ohming out pins would be needed.

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that’s a fair comment doug, I’d just have to make sure the grblhal pins correspond to the Marlin ones I suppose.

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