Where to find longer lead screws for 3018 router

I recently purchased a 3018 router:

I would like to extend my lead screws so I can put knobs on them to more easily turn them manually. I need 8mm, 2-Start 2 mm pitch (4 mm lead). Does anyone know of a source? In all my searching most everything I find are 4-start. I am able to find* the longest stock length for my machine (x-axis, 365mm) which would not be long enough to extend out for the knob on the x-axis. Does anyone know of a source for this part except longer?

*3018-PRO CNC Router | Y-Axis Lead Screw

I thought zyltech carried it, but I don’t see T8x4 there. Searching for T8x4 and T8*4 on eBay or AliExpress is a way to find this. For example:

On Amazon:

Thanks for checking. I know the ebay link says 4mm lead, but they sure look like 8mm lead (4-start) to me in the photos.

The ones in the Amazon link look like they’ll work, and not very expensive.

Yeah, I searched for a lot of these, but maybe I overlooked one.


I hope the ones on Amazon are comparable quality. I wouldn’t have a way of knowing the tolerances to compare.

Not to me, but in any case pictures often aren’t representative…

No guarantees, but I’ve gotten overall better quality lead screws recently than a few years back. The biggest problem I experienced in the past was screws that weren’t straight but it’s been a few years since I ran into that problem.