Where I spend my evenings.

Where I spend my evenings.



Man I hate how tightly they’re starting to wind filament. Really bugs the crap out of me having so many tightly wound coils. Toward the end of the reel it starts looking like a tiny spring. Also makes filament a bit harder to load.

@ThantiK I agree it caused me hours of troubleshooting my extruder before I realized it was a coil problem. That is temporarlly being held up using two bar clamps and a broom stick and a chair to get it WAY up above the printer. Normally I print off the rollers near the acetone can on the ledge. You can see all the failed attempts to finish up a cupcake upgrade for my friend all over the desk in green. It’s for the maker space’s traveling (and only workingish) bot and so he wanted multi colors for school demos. Hence fighting with the green instead of just cranking it out in something that would feed.

Printrbot, am i right?

@Nils_Hitze Yep. It is. The regular sized LC. I’ve been really happy with it thus far.