Where do you get an AC cord with a rubber grommet on the end?

Sorry if this question is hard to understand but I’m trying my best. It’s hard to explain.

Okay so I’m making a project box for a raspberry pi. I’ve successfully used these types of things in the past but for this project I want to fix the cord to the box.

So I need a cable like this but with a little rubber grommet at the end so it looks like how a power cable should.

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. Forget that it’s attached to a power supply. That part is completely irrelevant. Power supplies are just the one device I can think of that have them.

It’s called a strain relief. Electronics distributors like digikey, mouser, Newark, Allied Electronics, and others will have cords with them. You could probably find them on Amazon too.


There are also cord panel compression pass throughs called cable glands. You can find them on amazon. The AC cord you can get also get from Amazon or any hardware store.

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An easy & cheap way to strain relief is to:

  • Drill a hole for grommet
  • Install grommet
  • Feed ac cord through the grommet
  • Split the cord into to wires on the inside of the cabinet
  • Tie a knot in one side of the cord.

Thanks for the help guys! @chaoticmind thanks for the word!

Don’t hate me for using Amazon so much. It’s a bad habit. But I’m going to try pairing the IP68 Waterproof M22 PG16 Cable Gland Connector Flex Spiral Strain Relief Protector with Lock Nut for 10-14mm Wire Thread with a power cable I have lying around. I’m not positive it will fit yet because I couldn’t find the inner diameter but based on some guestimates I’m 60% sure it’ll be fine.


Yep, used that one myself a time or two.

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