Where can i get the closed belts?

Where can i get the closed belts? Not Sdp-si (i’m from germany) and not misumi (won’t ship to private person). These are my last parts but i can’t find them anywhere. Only at misumi and sdp-si :frowning:

Misumi USA will ship to individuals (not sure about EU). I just put “hobbyist” for my business name.
Give them a call. If they’re anything like the USA division, they are very nice and helpful.

I called Misumi Germany…they where more like “fu… off”. My online registration was also denied. How long does int. shipping take at misumi us? Holidays are near…

have you checked http://robotdigg.com? If you search for “Closed-loop GT2 Belt” you get a list with different lenghts.

http://robotdigg.com have them, What size do you need? I have a few I could send you from the UK probably be quicker than from China.

@David_Heddle I need all three closed belts.
I’d really appreciate that.

I can’t find the right belts at robotdigg (502,497,475 teeth)

Sorry I only have shorter ones.
Robotdigg do custom sizes http://www.robotdigg.com/product/14/CUSTOMIZED-Timing-Pulley-and-Timing-Belt


I think the distance is longer than the carriage travel. You might be able to use open belts with the old zip tie trick?

Hey #misumi – your German office’s customer service seems to be lacking–you might want to look into it.

@SirGeekALot ​ Thank you. I never thought of this option. Thanks @Eclsnowman ​ i will try this is a Option.

@Maxim_Melcher ​ I can’t find belts with 2mm pitch. Their products are starting at T2,5



T2 gibt es nicht. Wo hast Du die Zahnscheiben her?

Aliexpress - you can get any size you want.

@ Florian
Hi Florian, being located in Lübeck, I made the same experience with Mitsumi/europe…ggrrr
anyway , what size of Lead Screw for the Z axis did you go for TR10x2 or a TR12x2 ? (or a plain "Gewindestange ?)

(I´m building the Herculien) and where to order it here in Europe ?

@Florian_Schutte This company has belts in hundreds of sizes: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/702327

Cheap and cheap shipping to Europe.