Where can I get a 3D printer that prints 2000 mm x 1000 mm

Where can I get a 3D printer that prints 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 100 mm?

Closest “off the shelf” machine that I know of is the VoxelJet Systems VX4000: http://www.voxeljet.de/en/systems/vx4000/

…but I’m guessing since you’re asking here, you don’t have the $100K+ budget to match that kind of purchase.

For a DIY machine, closest you can get would be a cartesian system using 1800mm MakerSlide extrusions (https://www.inventables.com/technologies/aluminum-extrusion) with a Shapeoko kit (https://www.inventables.com/technologies/desktop-cnc-mill-kits-shapeoko) as a foundation.

Do you need it in one piece? You could print puzzle cut pieces and glue them

@Camerin_hahn or just design your own #3dpribter based on one of the #opensource plans out there

@Jason_Ray , This is not an easy thing to design, 1mx2m spans will be mechanically hard to manage, keeping belts tight, keeping the machine stiff, and allowing for quick movements will not be easy. approach building such a machine with caution, as you may spend more time making it work then using it.

@Javed_Khan it really depends on what you’re going to use it for - a printer suitable for printing a full-color geographic model will most likely not be the best choice for making full-scale cyborg legs.
Either way, it’s going to be do it yourself or pay it yourself.

Thanks all for your quick responses. I could jigsaw two parts together Camerin but it would be v.awesome to have a big machine that does it in one go.-)

There are designs on the reprap wiki for a printer with that volume, one is the mega mendel, as well as lebigrep.
If you’re planning on designing your own, try for a hbot style system like the foldarap 2 or the buccaneer, I was going to build one with a similar sized build area but I decided to go down the delta path. You’d probably be better of with a cartesian not rather than delta because of the low build height.

@Aaron_Leclair not even the designs on the reprap wiki span 7 feet long by 4 feet wide. For something of that size, you’re going to be paying >$10,000 if you build the machine yourself. You’re going to need to go about things in a much different manner too.

Aaron - down the delta path?
I’m new to building these systems so will explore what purchasing options I have. I do have budget so will look into the off the shelf options first.

Out of interest I have asked about the price for the VX4000. Let’s see what they come back with!

At the moment I don’t think I have the skills to produce such a machine that will produce the finishing I would like.

By delta path I mean using a delta movement system much like the Rostock printers.
@ThantiK , I shouldn’t have worded my post that way. What I meant was that there were designs that would be a good base to start a giant printer design off of.
I think that one could be built for much less than $10,000. The main challenge would be finding a linear rail long enough for the two meter long axis. That might have to be custom designed, unless a rail that length could be sourced. The rest of the parts could all be sources on Inventables, asides from electronics.

Aaron - thanks for the clarification. How is your build going? Would be good to see the finished product when it’s done. Would be a first for a self build for that size of printer I guess …

A Delta printer would likely fill up a 2000mm cube for that build volume, which might or might not be too large.
For regular XYZ designs, you could use supported rails (for example SBR16) along the long sides for y, a crossbeam with two more rails for x and finally z mounted to a carriage on the crossbeam. It’s the same basic layout as any portal-type CNC router - you could even get a ready-made one of that size and strap an extruder to it.

@Aaron_Leclair , at those lengths, you’re going to need 2060 or even 2080 extrusions. Then you’re going to need 2000mm lead screws, build an overhead gantry (you do NOT want to be moving around a part that big), the big problem here is the sag you’ll get at those lengths, you’re right, $10k is a little much. Motors (You’ll want servo motors) will be $250/ea, gecko drives will be $130/ea, steel frame is going to cost $2.5k just in materials and shipping. A Joe’s Hybrid CNC is probably the perfect place to start with this.

Just to clarify, my delta has (or will have) roughly a meter cubed build area. I think your best bet is cartesian, unless you can fit a machine as big as @Thomas_Sanladerer suggests.
I will also go on record that @ThantiK could be absolutely right about the cost, he is far more experienced in these matters than myself.

Belts would be a safer/cheaper method for driving the gantry in my opinion. You use them in a rack and pinion drive like the foldarap 2.

A cnc retrofit would probably be the best option.

@Javed_Khan I forgot completely about the #3DreamFactory by @HypeCask . They build very large 3D printers

Thanks Jason I will check it out.

If you repurposed a cnc, build time would be epic eh? What’s the max feed rate of a large footprint cnc? Maybe 50mm/s? They are not really designed to move at the ‘normal’ speeds of 3d printers. Not sure if this would be an issue… depends on the print medium and resolution I guess.