Where can I find end-user documentation for Meerk40t?

Is there a reason why there doesn’t seem to be a manual or written instructions for this software ?

Combination of a couple things. First, I’m not the best person at technical writing. Second, I don’t have that much time for technical writing. Third, the software has advanced such that a lot of such writing would be somewhat obsolete rather rapidly.

Here’s a youtube list of the videos I have on the subject. (THIS IS THE BEST, There’s a lot of videos)

Here’s the MeerK40t wiki which I’ve worked on, though many items here are scattershot.

I also did some technical writing on the M2 Nano’s protocols for edutechwiki. I also mapped out all the stuff for Ruida and some other laser cutters. Since that stuff won’t change that much.

But the software needs to be stable enough without more and more stuff getting added for a while to get a manual, sort of. There’s a lot of weirdly highly powerful features in it that are basically never mentioned. For example, MeerK40t 0.7.0 has rearranged all the internal kernel stuff and the channels and provides a bunch of core changes that improve things rather considerably. So if I had a manual where I pointed out how to add a module, that manual would now need updating as well.

tl;dr – I kinda suck.


I’ll note that in open source, much of the best documentation has been written by volunteers who want to contribute in ways other than coding. Some of them have showed up and just started asking questions and putting together the answers into end-user documentation.

It’s pretty rare that the developers are the best people to write end user documentation, because they commonly don’t know what isn’t obvious to the end user. The software tends to work in a way that’s obvious to the developer, because otherwise they would have done it differently. No matter how it works, not every user will find it equally intuitive… :slight_smile:


Considering this I did just flag the MeerK40t wiki to allow collaboration level people to edit it. Or at least I hope I did that.

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Thank you for your replies.

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