Where can I find a cheap but usable 3D printer to buy?

Where can I find a cheap but usable 3D printer to buy? I am new to this field but want to dive in and have some fun.

price range? print volume?

I agree with @Alex_Anderson . Get it in kit form, assemble it yourself, and learn the basics. Then you can print the parts for a new printer!

Thanks for the suggestions

I am using the simple currently. it is a nice little machine

I just got an Up Plus 2 for xmas and love that it prints without issues or tweaking. Look at my posts for examples of how clean and easy they come out. Its my first but I def recommend it if you want something hassle free.

Reprap. You’ll be a champ after.

I am the living proof that it’s possible to build one from scratch without any prior knowledge - there is so much information on the Net it’s almost too much. The only problem may be time - ordering things separately (from many places, some abroad) can take a while, but then you can learn things in the process and maybe get to know the local community (who can help you out with the printed parts). Or you can get a kit - printrbot al already mentioned, or if you’d want to have a larger printer go for Mendel90 kit - I have heard nothing but good things about it.

I don’t get that mentality. My boss built his own reprap (several, in fact) and considers himself an expert in 3D printers now. The problem is the quality of his prints is nothing in comparison to the output from my Up Plus 2. He is always tweaking and “improving”, where as I am just making great prints without even trying. I spend my time working on my designs, NOT working on my printer.

@james_wolf I guess there are different attitudes towards 3D printing - you’re more interested in the final product, while others might be more interested in the process. To each their own.

There are many quality printers available to purchase these days, and there nothing wrong with just buying one and printing away.

However, most enthusiasts will urge you to go with a kit because it has many advantages. It’s less expensive, it makes you intimately familiar with the machine, it prepares you to build further machines with the skills you learn and the parts you print.

This is a fast moving technology sector, and rolling your own will let you keep up in a way that buying in just can’t.

Ha! Judd Asbill, You can have my printrbot!
POS (Sorry Alex Anderson, Patrick Ryan)
Did not get all parts, had to jerry rig stuff.
Was able to print a vertical stop but it broke a month ago. Had to have USB port soldered back on by a telescope builder. Can’t calibrate to save life and not a complete dummy.
I have another brand coming already calibrated. Just pay shipping!
(500$ lost not to mention time)

@Rose_Bug , that was not at all my experience. my box arrived with all parts, i assembled in one evening, and up and running the next day, my string broke and printrbot found my post and sent me a new part. I really have had no issues with their product or service.

@Rose_Bug I’ve been in since the beta. My only complaint has been that the instructions were sometimes been out of sync with what parts they were currently shipping, but that’s part of the issue with being a beta tester. When I’ve had issues (my fan control died one day, and I had the wrong length smooth rods for my XL bed expansion kit) they made it right by shipping no charge replacements immediately. I have no complaints whatsoever about PrintrBot.
If you’re serious about getting rid of yours, I’ll take it off your hands!

@Patrick_Ryan @Rose_Bug , moral of the story is every product will have lemons, if you ask customer support (at least at this point with new orders) they will make it right for you.

I agree the instructions can be out of sync and confusing.

Rose Bug, I appreciate the offer. Let me check my finances and see what I can do.


@Ashley_Webster my Up Plus 2 is literally plug and play. Take it out of the box, attach the calibration tool and auto level, then do the auto nozzle height, then print. It was super easy.

@Ashley_Webster a large part of the ups ability to print out of box is the material control and quality.

Judd I live in Arizona just ship it slow!
Guys, I was the 100th something backer. there were NO instructions (for laser cut). I did contact them (after posting pic on forum and others ID ed parts missing) and got parts I did not need! Figure it is easier to re-calibrate something close to calibration than something that has never been calibrated correctly. I am not giving up on 3D printing and do not mind that I contributed 500$ to the ground breaking movement …Just calling it a day on printrbots and moving on, need space for next one!

@Rose_Bug I’m sorry to hear of your experiences - sounds like you happened to be the exception to (in my experience, and those of many others I’ve heard from) extremely good customer service. For the record, I have absolutely no relationship to PrintrBot, other than being a satisfied customer. It’s too bad that wasn’t your experience as well!