When the "#%!"%¤ will MakerBot Thingiverse put up an RSS feed of all new

When the “#%!”%¤ will @MakerBot1 Thingiverse put up an RSS feed of all new designs excluding the million and one variants of designs created with the Customizer!?

I want to keep up with the new designs but I am not interested in hundreds of &%"#¤%! personalized IPhone cases.

Any easy way to filter those out? I would really prefer not having to set up some kind of proxy script of my own removing those designs including the string “Created with Customizer!” from the feed and subscribing Feedly to that! Bah!

And if anyone suggests I start using the Dashboard you better start running! :wink:

One of the many reasons why i haven’t been on thingiverse for ages. This and their blatant self-promotion of featuring their own things that are just minor modifications of other designs.

Make sure you’re using http://www.thingiverse.com/newest and not http://www.thingiverse.com/firehose or you really will be seeing Every Single Variant.

That’s the reason I removed them from my RSS reader when I was still on Google Reader.

This is one thing Yahoo Pipes is perfect for.

Many, including me, are trying.
I stopped because no one wanted to help.

I’m going to trying something out with Yahoo Pipes. I’ll publish it for all to use once I get it working.

The RSS feed only return items from the “Featured” page. I’ll have to spend more time building up a parser to read items off either the “Firehose” or “New and Noteworthy” page.

Ok. Found the RSS url for Newest page. Here is my Yahoo Pipes that filters out all items with “Created with Customizer” in the description.


This is the RSS URL for the pipe output: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=0832b3e098c5fd4780b4666bbc4b9aad&_render=rss

@Andrew_Plumb yep I am using http://www.thingiverse.com/newest and for the first time in a year or so I am actually starting to catch up, quickly skipping through those Customized IPhone cases, bracelets, rings and name plates. Theres such a huge amount of cloned junk that the original things that really deserve attention many times are lost in the flood.

@Tim_Youngblood1 I’m actually okay with Thingiverse as such. They just need to get their act together and actually use their own site and services for half an hour to see what really needs to be done. The problems are small but annoying. What’s with the search for example? How is it possible to not instantly feel a need to sort the search results in chronological order expecially when they focus so strongly on derivatives and iterations of designs? I’d say it’s pretty natural to show the latest derivatives first, or why not simply give the user the incredibly luxury of choosing the sort order.

@Marcus_Wolschon I think it might be hard to get an alternative portal going with Thingiverse being as established as it is. Back when the Thingiverse EULA/policy changed and a bunch of alternative thingieportals popped up it got confusing and I think most makers chose to stay because it was hard to see a clear path to an viable alternative - a single place to go to get a steady stream of original designs.

@Alex_Hung it’d be cool if it makes it more usable. Still it amazes me how the Thingiverse team does not see the need for this themselves. It’s not like it would take a massive overhaul of their entire infrastructure to add another RSS feed, and improve the experience with the site.

@Alex_Hung nice! I’ll definately try it out while I wait for Thingiverse to get their act together :slight_smile:

@Alex_Hung when I compare your feed to the official http://www.thingiverse.com/newest I don’t see the same objects (the customizer-ones excluded of course.
Does it update with a delay?
Does it reorder entries?