When switching to a few filament,

When switching to a few filament, do you have a favorite part or process to arrive at ideal extruder and bed temperatures?

I am assuming that measuring filament roundness and diameter is a given.

When you first test a new filament supplier or color, do you have a favorite part or procedure you use to arrive at the optimal extrusion and bed temperature settings for your slicer?

I usually use a couple different calibration cubes, and then print the oshwa keychain or a pulley. It’s usually just the keychain or pulley, they have several features that make them good for testing for different things.

My calibration circles are always my first print on a new machine or with a new filament. Not that I really use them to test the things they were meant to test (I can now do most of that before ever powering-on the machine), but it’s a nice short print that will expose a lot of potential problems.

For a more complex part, I’d recommend the Octocat at 10% infill - it tests for bed adhesion /warp, overhangs, cooling, bridging, interlayer adhesion, extrusion amount, basically all the parameters that are critical when swapping filament.

I tend to do a calibration suite. 20x10 cubes, bridge torture test, 40x10 single wall, finally a cute cthulu

Just found this post on the BukoBot forum that has some useful links for temperature calibration: http://forum.bukobot.com/index.php?topic=2493.0


http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17000 in case you’re wondering