When printing the raft,

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #1

When printing the raft, I get this stringyness (though the bottom layer is fine as far as I can see). Is this a result of too much or not enough flow? Is it something to do with the Z calibration?

Any idea how to fix this?

(Adam Steinmark) #2

Looks like low flow but it could easily be Z calibration. Does it print other items without a raft fine?

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #3

Fairly so, but I’ve only tested two. Both seemed fine, but they were very small prints.
I just recently had to re-calibrate it, and it’s my first time.
Can you tell if it is too high or too low?

Also, it is as 100% flow, though I did change that before. It may be that it is clogged, actually.

(Adam Steinmark) #4

I can’t tell if the nozzle too high or too low based on the picture. I’d suggest the following Try extruding some filament using Pronterface. If it comes out straight there’s no clog. If it goes to the side before falling then your nozzle is partially clogged. If it’s not clogged, try calibrating your extruder with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUPfBJz3I6Y . He uses an extruder with a hobbed bolt but the principle and process is essentially the same. Let me know how this process works.

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #5

Okay, I’ll try that, thanks!

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #6

It looks like you z offset is too high.

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #7

I actually didn’t change the Z offset.
Also, how would I change it? Is that what M212 does?

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #8

Actually, I should be more clear. Right now, the Z offset is 0.

(Adam Steinmark) #9

You never set the Z offset!? That’s what it is then. And yes.

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #10

M212 is the command for changing the offset.

(Adam Steinmark) #11

Keep reprinting the 3mm box until you get your z offset dialed in the way you like.

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #12

Check out the getting started page on Printrbot.com. there is a really good video of Brook showing how to calibrate z offset

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #13

It is under the Support tab on the site

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #14

But doesn’t changing the Z offset only effect the first layer? In this case, each layer is off up until it gets “unwound”.

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #15

If you don’t have a good support Lauer your whole print will be not so nice. Sometimes you can get away with a z height that is too low or too high as it will work itself out as you print more layers bit having good adhesion is the first step. You shouldn’t need a raft if your z offset is correct

(Adam Steinmark) #16

Also if your Z offset is wrong you can damage your printer.

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #17

Ah, I was calibrating with the raft on, probably I should try doing it without a raft…
Thanks a lot!

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #18

@Adam_Steinmark Yeah, definitely found that out. I ground into my bed a bit a few months ago, since then I have installed a heat bed which replaced the scratched one (though the scratch didn’t make a difference).

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #19

You will find that the bed takes a beating either way. I always hated messing up my pretty print surface. Lol

(Nicholas “ScarabCoder” Harris) #20

It’s actually the sound that hurts the most, especially the sound when you try moving the head too much to the side.