When my second CNC milling machine arrives (YOOCNC3020 in addition to my 6040),

When my second CNC milling machine arrives (YOOCNC3020 in addition to my 6040),
I’m planning to scrap my Thing-O-Matic and make the CNC mill and 3D print.
Option 1:
Use the existing main board, extruder control board, power supply, extruderstepper driver board and send STEP+DIR to X,Y,Z stepper drivers of the CNC.
Need to switch between step+dir from Makerbot-board and CNC board.
Option 2:
Modify the firmware of the extruder control board to receive temperature via serial port and have MACH3 control X,Y,Z,A(extruder) and temperature.
Need to switch A-Axis cable and do some post-processing of the G-Code.
Firmware-Modification and G-Code postprocessing seems to already exist but for a very old version 2.2 as opposed to 3.5 of the board.

Did anyone here do something similar already?

At least save the steppers for silly projects. Maybe the linear rod. The rest is trash.

Don’t worry, I’ll save the

  • steppers and
  • stepper driver boards and
  • pulleys and
  • bearings.
  • The interface-kit and
  • existing alternative extruders
    will also be fun.

Then I can:

  • 4 axis CNC mill (5 axis on my large one)
  • 3D print
  • pneumatically extrude a syringe
  • plot with a pen/acid-pen (Unicorn)
  • plot with a tangential knife (current project)
    all with just one device in a sturdy, wooden and soundproofed stage transport case on wheels.

…extruding solder paste for SMD PCBs from a syringe could be fun.

I’ve often thought of that. Extrude solder paste, program it for a specific board, also have a rotating head with a vacuum needle, and pick/place components. Order bunches of boards from OSHPark and off you go to custom production.

Pick and Place is difficult because you have to check the orientation of parts and grab many different parts.

Aligning parts then is easy, just bump it against a 90° angle and it will end up parallel to the board on your vacuum needle.

Programming that is more work then it saves.