When laser cutting, is it appropriate to directly select the maximum power? Or cut through multiple passes?

Cutting speed and laser power are key. For example, for wood-based bamboo acrylic, it is recommended to use high-power and high-speed cutting. Low power and low speed cutting. It is not recommended to use low speed and high power, which will cause edge burning.

Most people use as low power as they can. The tubes have a limited life - higher power reduces its life span.

If charing is an issue, you can cover the piece with painters tape, that will reduce it. An air assist is also great for that.

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I’ve never used max power on my laser and I’m still on my original tube (2017). If I cut wood, I make two mid-power passes with air assist. I etch at a meager 5ma and I’ve etched both plexi and plywood successfully. Unless someone can prove me wrong, less is more when using your laser.

I also circulate water through the tube for about 5-10 minutes to let the tube cool down.


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