When I power my machine up, it will not home out.

When I power my machine up, it will not home out. It is like it lost communication at that point, any ideas? Everything else seams to be in working order.

More info on how it moves, or video.

It does not move, I hear a click and that is all

I can move it manually in both directions with belt and rod.

No motors move at all.
Tell us more about your machines configuration pls.

I have had it a few years, and to this point have not really had any issues. It is like the motors are not firing. The machine is not frozen up but it will not home out nor will it move if I move with the computer

The limit switches seem to be working.

Need to know more about the configuration is this a stock machine?
Your low voltage section of your laser power supply may not be working.
Can you fire the laser with the test button?
Is the LED (red or green) down on the LPS PDB lit.

The gantry tries to move when power up but does not

It is a stock machine, the laser fires when tested which board are you talking about? The one that the usb plugs into is red

@Bill_Stockwell the laser power supply is in the right hand cabinet.
Down on the motherboard of that supply is a led and a PB.
Is the led on when the machine is on?
Do you have a DVM and know how to measure DC voltage with it?

No there is no other led on inside that box

Sounds like you have a Moshi Board. If you do, you can find the information you need below. Even if you have not updated your software, this seems to fix most problems. I purchased a unit that had problems and this was what fixed it.

Thanks I will try that!

That did not work it tells me the file MoshLine.dll is missing although it is clearly in the folder.

I would try reinstalling the Moshidraw software then run the program.