When I joked about MakerBot trying to become the Apple of 3D printing roundabout

(Jan Wildeboer) #1

When I joked about @MakerBot1 trying to become the Apple of 3D printing roundabout a year ago I didn’t think of them going thermonuclear with patents too. Well, they made the first step and filed patent applications for things they learned from the community. Stay classy, Bree Pettis. http://www.freepatentsonline.com/result.html?p=1&edit_alert&srch=xprtsrch&query_txt=makerbot&uspat=on&usapp=on&depat=on&npl=on&date_range=all&stemming=on&sort=relevance&search=Search

(Jan Wildeboer) #2

See https://plus.google.com/112648813199640203443/posts/hsQRqmWXD4y

(Stephanie A) #3

@MakerBot1 is probably the worst company ever right now. I put them up there with Monsanto. Defensive patents my ass, these are delibrately stolen from the community to be anti-competitive and ruin the people who developed these techniques and hardware in the first place. @bre_pettis should be ashamed of himself for turning his back on the community that got him started in the first place. Makers often turn into entreprenuers but they don’t go so far as to destroy the chances of those makers to make their own business by stealing their ideas and patenting them. It’s shameful, dishonest, and outright treason.

(Alex Wiebe) #4

it’s fascinating thinking about the difference between +makerbot and @SparkFun_Electronics One company has “maker” in their culture, the other has it in their name.

(Nils Hitze) #5

well, it’s probably so much easier to be ashamed when your account tells you a few 0000 behind the first number. Having money AND don’t loosing your integrity, that’s the hard part

(Tom Bielecki) #6

Hasn’t Bre explicitly said they’re trying to be the Apple of 3D printing? I thought he said that at CES 2014