When I call a FastLED function from inside the void loop() function, nothing happens.

When I call a FastLED function from inside the void loop() function, nothing happens. I put a serial.print in the void loop and also in the functions I’m trying to call to see what is happening. It just prints “inside the void loop” over & over and doesn’t execute the calls in the loop function. I’m not sure how to post the sketch for your perusal and advice. Could someone please advise. Thanks.

Feel free to post your code at http://gist.github.com and provide a link to it. The first question I’d ask though is whether or not you’ve tried out the demos. You should always make sure you can run AND understand the demos first.

Andrew, thank you for answering my question. I have been using the demos as you suggested, and thought I understood them pretty well, but this, I don’t understand. I have posted 2 sketches to Pastbin.com. Sketch 1 compiles, runs, and lights the leds appropriately. In Sketch 2 , I have put FastLED function calls in the void loop() function. I used, this time, Serial.print to indicate entering and leaving the loop() function, and Serial.print at the beginning of each called function. The Serial monitor prints “beginning of void loop” and “end of void loop” repeatedly, but never prints “blueLeds function”. “redLeds function” etc. It seems to be ignoring the calls inside the loop() function. Any help will be apprecieated. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Oops. Here are the links to the sketches: NeoPixel Test Sketch 1 and sketch 2. Thanks

One thing I noticed is that you’ve got a whole bunch of delay() statements in your code. Another thing is that as soon as you make a change, you should be calling FastLED.show().

My recommendation is to start out with a simple sketch (i…e. a single animation on a single strand of led’s), preferably without delay statements and slowly build up from there.

For any of my more complicated routines, I start out with a whole bunch of single ones that I’ve written and then tested thoroughly as I began to integrate them.

Also for the future please use http://gist.github.com instead of pastebin - google has been marking posts with pastebin links in them as spam. http://gist.github.com

@Dean_Sanders You’ve confused your syntax in your second version. When calling a function you don’t include the “void” in front of the function name. Remove “void” from lines 27-35 and you’ll be back in business.

Marc, thanks for pointing out this silly mistake.