What's your favorite hottip and why?

What’s your favorite hottip and why? I need to buy four to standardise my machines. I’ve used a Buddaschnozzle 1.0 and MakerGear tips…

While it’s overly bulky and expensive, i do like the Budaschnozzle for its consistent performance. That was, until i sheared off the threaded aluminum rod when trying to change the nozzle.
I’ve had a not-so good experience with the early RepRapFab Hotends, which are somewhat similar to the today’s Jhead.
And last, but not least, first tests suggest that my plain and simple DIY all-metal hotend is up to the job as well. PTFE-free hotends can work just as well as conventional designs and are a definite upgrade over anything that uses PTFE lining.

It was just released a few days ago, so nobody’s had a chance to try it yet, but Trinity Labs has a new all-metal hot end that looks pretty solid (though I’d like to see a bit more of a heatsink on the top). http://trinitylabs.com/products/trinity-metalmagma-all-metal-high-temp-hotend

For 1.75, I’m still a fan of the QU-BD hot end, though the rest of their mechanism needs to be replaced.

If the stainless steel insulator’s wall thickness is thin enough, the heat creep will be almost negligible. The hotend i posted about has about 2W of heat creeping from the very bottom to the top, being an un-machined M8 threaded rod with only the bore factored in. The more material is taken away, the less heat creeps up - I’d guesstimate Trinity Lab’s hotend at 0.5W, max, which the heatsink should be able to handle (@50C).
What i’d like to see is a flatter nozzle bottom, though. Squishes down the layers really nicely :slight_smile:

I hae been thinking about purchasing one of these Trinity hotends for the RepStrap I’m building. If I do, I would be happy to share what [little] I know with the group. But first, I would need to decide on a suitable extruder to go with it. Open to recommendations. I choose reliability & quality over price and other features.

I ordered two of those Trinity heads. I’ll post my impressions. It seems like I may need to get the cartridge heater and temp sensor seperatly.

@matthew_bennett Excellent. Please DO post your experience. And, while you are at it, I would be interested to hear your experience with Extruders. Across your 4 machines, if you had to do it over, which extruder would you choose and why. I’ve built a RepStrap but I’ve not selected an extruder yet.

@Whosa_whatsis is qubd hotend good? So only it’s drive system sucks?

@Karan_Chaphekar That’s pretty much what I just said, yes.

@Eric_Mack I’ll do that. My extruder experience is with the older models now, but I’ll post what little I know. These other guys are more technical than I as well. I’ve had a good experience with all my hot tips.

As for my four machines, only two have ever printed, and only one is printing now. My goal is 0.50mm nozzles on all, so I won’t need to reslice all the time.

Hi Matthew, any updates on your experience so far?

@Eric_Mack No updates yet. Still waiting on the all metel tip from Trinity Labs.