whats with this Greeled? are they a good company?

(Brett Hansen) #1

whats with this Greeled? are they a good company?

(Zeke Koch) #2

I really like them. I’ve done several transactions with them. ‘daisy’ responds super quickly with estimates. You need to do money orders through western union or the like which was scary, but easier than I thought at first.

(Brett Hansen) #3

hmmm thats kinda weird but if their prices are good then it may be worth it lol

(Robert Wozniak) #4

I’ve had only good experiences with them. I agree that the western union money order made me nervous at first. The quality of thier products is very high in my opinion. I had a bad 5m strip and they replaced it without problem… It now seems that it was my fault as I later realized that the wire lead they provided supplied power on black and green with data on red. I also later learned that it only took out only the first pixel but the first pixel had to be cut off the strip.

(Michael Sharnet) #5

I like Gree-leds.com web page. The news section is ahead of the curve as far as LEDs being available in the future. (Gree Leds site also explained there was a shortage of LPD8806 chips (none available in China) and then the site broke the news when the shortage was over.

I haven’t ordered from them yet, but when I need to replenish my stocks, Ill give them a try.

I also visit http://world-semi.com World Semi is the WS in WS28XX products. World Semi is selling on Aliexpress

(Randal B) #6

I’ve ordered from them in the past. Payment options is very limited (certified cheque or Westernunion transfer), but they are very responsive and I was pleased with my order. Though I’ve moved to another source which offers easier payments (paypal&cc)

(Randal B) #7

Also see this thread with more useful information about where to order.