What's up gang... Long time lurker here.

@Anthony_Webb love the feedback. And… you guys are making me feel confident getting a kit and putting it together myself!

correction regarding my heated bed: it takes about 60 seconds to heat up from ~18C to 65C as per video I took this morning: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WJN7MBN6CMV195xF2

@Adam_Steinmark nice - I’ve got the same keenovo heat mat but a little smaller (300*300mm). I also sprang for their controller. this is what I bought: 300 X 300mm (approx. 12" X 12") 120V 750W, w/ Digital Controller KEENOVO Universal Flexible Silicone Heater Mat/Pad, 3D Printer Heated Bed Build Plate https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011DY6PRI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_3Xnag5yHmxEge

very happy so far :slight_smile:

I love Prusa. We are friends. I cheer him on in his work. But I tell him I still believe “consumer” printers should be made of metal, not printed parts. Lulzbot and others do it too and are selling very well. But as a manufacturer, I can’t do it. The customer skips over a whole bunch of possible problems when the whole machine is metal. His new metal frame on bottom y axis is a suggestion that he is beginning to see the value of the precision and rigidity in going to metal. :wink:

For those nervous about building the kit: Imagine how great that first day experience would be with his printers if it just came assembled and required zero work to start printing.

Ok, hit me w rants :wink: again, I’ve said this to prusa himself. He puts up w my silly suggestions.

I just hear this fear of building from a lot of people… I assume a good number just buy elsewhere.

A 3d printing fan - no matter what printer you own,

@Brook_Drumm makes a great point, and I agree that many of the less expensive options out there make trade offs that lead to a bad user experience and overall contributes to 3D printing taking a bad rap. I do much prefer proper linear rails and metal construction, and after my latest pass on the printrbot site it appears they are actually pulling this off for a very respectable price! Perhaps printer #6 is in my near future? Man, my wife would kill me…

@Brook_Drumm you definitely make strong points and I guess you see consumers as having low to medium knowledge about 3D printing. And yes that is probably the majority of the market, but as someone who works with 3D printers on a daily basis it’s nice to have a printer that uses 3D printed custom components instead of metal ones. That way if there is an issue it’s relatively easy to replace the part or even upgrade it. All metal printers are definitely more reliable due to rigidity but it means more to me as a maker to have a printer I can modify. New technologies and higher performance parts continue to emerge in this industry and I really enjoy being able to integrate them into a printer I already own without depending on the manufacturer to release their own upgrades. That being said Printrbot does an amazing job keeping up with the current technology. My Simple Metal was relatively at the height of the industry when I bought it and upgrades to the extruder, hotend, and extended axis enabled me to keep the machine as functional as newer printers. But most manufacturers don’t release functionality upgrades like you guys do so it’s nice to be able to do it myself.

@Cameron_Spiller Wow that is a very sleek carriage. What do you mean by “no longer supported by Cura” though?

@Cameron_Spiller you can setup any printer you like in cura; just a matter of setting dimensions, origin, and number of extruders. the rest of the fine tweaking (and likely even those above) can be directly copied over.

I just setup cura 3.x and it automatically imported my otherwise never “supported” printer’s settings.

@Cameron_Spiller @Jared_Eldredge beat me to it. Just because they don’t still make a profile for Cura doesn’t mean you can’t manually port over all your settings from another slicer. It may take a bit of tweaking as Jared mentioned but there’s nothing stopping you from using Cura.

@Cameron_Spiller Unless I’m printing for aesthetics only, PETG is my go to filament. Prints easy like PLA and more durable than ABS. I can give you some tips for specific issues but make a new post, I don’t want to keep bothering Corey.

@Cameron_Spiller oh man I LOVE PETG. I only print PLA when a customer demands it, otherwise I’m exclusive with PETG. fantastic stuff

@Cameron_Spiller loop me into the new post and I’ll help along with Adam to get you printing well with it