whats the easiest way to adjust single parts?

whats the easiest way to adjust single parts?
which tools to use
Thx a lot

@Regina_Kunze Are you talkning about CAD files or printed parts?

stl, or step files.
mainly the openrc parts.

@Regina_Kunze I´m sure others can pitch in on this one but i think maybe 123D Design could be an option with direct modeling tools such as “push, pull”… Other than that i´m lost since i only use @TopSolid

how do you mean adjust? Move holes? Change shapes of things? Cut parts away? what are you looking to do?

i want to adjust the diff housings for conrad metal diffs,

Ok, but it just doesn´t seem right that people are doing the same job over and over. I know @Robert_Blomgren already did this mod once, hopefully he can share his design on Thingiverse. It´s also confirmed to be working.

i totally agree, but if he doesn’t share the design there wont be another way

Ok, if anyone else can´t help, try 123D and if that doesn´t work write down a description and dimensions of the changes you want made and i will do it for you!

ok i’ll give it a try

@Regina_Kunze let me know how it goes!