Whats the best shape that will fill up a circle without leaving gaps

I know this is a confusing question but lemme break it down. I need a tool organizer for my home especially for the tiny tiny electronics components. I like the idea of 3D printing a custom organizer where u can print different sizes of the boxes like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHFK5sY8ToE&ab_channel=AlexandreChappel . U can switch them around for your needs. Now I made a cad model of this and I realised a issue. No matter how much I optimise the wallthickness the amount of box slots or anything, I wont be able to print the actual container without it having to be in 4 or more pieces. Since my printer is a delta printer with a 200mm X 200mm bed I think I should just make the organizer in a cylindrical fashion. When u want to switch the little boxes around it will be a bit of a puzzle but atleast it will be in one piece, making the hole build a lot stronger. My question is what is the best shape that can be arrayed in the circle. I have drawn the fractal circles in a circle in school as a kid but the slot needs to be universal that means the shape cant change scale and also it needs to have the holes so u can easily switch the different sized boxes around. Have any ideas is this even possible?