What's the best 3D printer at around $500?

What’s the best 3D printer at around $500? Does such a think even exist (a GOOD cheap printer)?

Prusa I3 clone, or Monoprice one to start with. You’re going to have to work to get good results, but that’s how they all are at that price range.

Disagree with @Carlton_Dodd on that one. For $500 you can get a refurb printrbot simple or for a little more a brand new one.

I3 clones are good with modifications but I’ve seen few that are nice right out of the box. Not to mention support for when parts burn out is not as good on average.

If you are getting an I3 get a real one. The e3d upgrade plus other important feature will cost you more to add then the cost Delta. Having bad stepper drivers or motors will make a really bad experience. Buy something reasonable, don’t buy a clone.

Most “clones” are really bad copies where all of the corners are cut. Cheaper knockoff electronics that have safety features removed to save cost. Cheaper motors with lower torque. Cheaper drivers with worse thermal management. Less connectors to save money so you need to solder and spice wires.

The Monoprice printer dropped down to $329 on Amazon while I was debating. I went ahead and grabbed it up. Thanks for the help, all!

I’ve been having good luck with my russian knock off Prusa i3. Does print pretty well. Just check the fit of the frame a bit before you lock down the assembly. There was a flaw in one side of the acrylic frame that is putting a slight skew in some of my prints. Fixing it as we speak, but it involves taking one side mostly apart. Also, when doing one of the cheaper printers, I will suggest to (once you have it calibrated) print at least a full set of the printable parts for your printer. I’ve noticed the set I have on mine has become a little warped over time and it’s not helped the skewing of many of my prints.