What's going on chilipeppr lovers? What's everyone hacking on?

What’s going on chilipeppr lovers? What’s everyone hacking on?

I tried out a huge Linux cnc wood router today at a local makerspace. It’s not the prettiest piece of software but it works. One thing that I notice is all its button has short key. This is especially important since the keyboard they have is the mushy rubber one. After all, the keyboard has to survive all those dusts.

I am thinking of implementing a way to easily add and discover keyboard hotkeys in chilipeppr. What do you think?

a way to manage global options sounds like a good idea. Honestly, I really think we need a way to load / unload widgets from some “modal” or something. I think having all widgets all the time is getting cluttered. This would help with doing stuff on mobile devices vs pc’s etc. Right now I am working on my widget for our makerfaire demo for tinyg. But its all still hush hush :slight_smile:

@Riley_Porter_ril3y :fearful::fearful::fearful: how did you read my mind? Hehe. I am working on an awesome addition to chilipeppr. It’s called dynamic workspace builder. I will reveal it soon. Have you had a chance to try out the chilipeppr mobile workspace?

Hey, I’m hacking on my solder paste dispenser. Design your board in Eagle. Export the gcode to mill via pcb-gcode. Then export the solder stencil. Drag stencil into ChiliPeppr. It detects the squares. Finds center point. Then drive solder paste dispenser via simultaneous Arduino/TinyG commands.

What extruder do you use on your solder paste dispenser? I am working on my glue dispenser.

Haven’t bought it yet, but about to hit “buy” on this http://www.ebay.com/itm/191280179207 because it seems popular. Will rig up Arduino in place of the foot pedal input. Will probably bypass the timer too and use the Arduino as the timer.

That is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for the link. Let me know how it works out with arduino control. Actually, make it better. Let me know what workspace you have for this dispenser :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try to just squeeze a widget in the way I did the AutoLevel, Macro, and JSCut widget for this. I’ll probably call it “Auto Dispenser” because it can be used to dispense not only solder paste, but glue, epoxy, loctite, etc.

Sounds good. I am tired of glue dispensing as well. :slight_smile: