What's everyone using to control their Herculien?

What’s everyone using to control their Herculien? I’m looking at the smoothie board does anyone have any input on the board?

Yes, use a smoothieware based solution. You will be happier than with 8bit controllers once you start pushing the speeds up. I love my azteeg x3 for robustness and quality… But for speed the 8bit ones have a low ceiling, especially on circles.

Which board option would you suggest?

It seems everyone is going Smoothieboard x5 with voltage reg and glcd.

@Oliver_Seiler ​ is using a smoothie I think.

There are a lot of new smoothie-compatible boards popping up now, momoinololu, sunbeam, azsm, brainboard (my fav so far).
I would get the original or an azteeg if they had driver sockets (or onboard DRV8825).
Part of the reason for going to 32-bit is being able to use 1/32 microstepping at high speeds!

@Oystein_Krog ​ azteeg x5 uses on board dvr8825. 

@Tim_Rastall Oh man, how did I miss that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a smoothieboard x5, but can’t really comment much as my Eustathios isn’t printing yet. But from what I can see so far (basic moves, etc.) I’m happy with it.

@Tim_Rastall only problem is X5 mini is single extruder and not enough fan and LED outputs… But Roy has some fun stuff in the works for multiple extruder controllers.

I just went for the azsm with DRV8825 , mainly because Panacut did´nt respond on @ and robotseed europe were sold out. (and 59 $ :slight_smile: )
sort of an experiment I know, but I m going for the single extruder solution anyway and that AZSM should be just enough for that

anyone familiar with the Sunbeam 2.0 board ? ist also smoothie-compatible

I thought the x5 could do dual extruders. http://smoothieware.org/3d-printer-guide

@Chris_Brent x5 mini by azteeg cannot.

Ah I see the x5 mini is the the 5x Smoothie! http://shop.uberclock.com/collections/smoothie/products/smoothieboard