What's a good slicer other than Cura or Slic3r?

(Jason Gullickson) #1

What’s a good slicer other than Cura or Slic3r? I’m debugging an infill problem and I’ve been using Cura, so I want to try something different but Slic3r binaries won’t run on my machine (need a newer glibc), and I’m not up for installing the toolchain necessary to build Slic3r from source (if I can avoid it) just to troubleshoot this.

Recommendations? I know I’ve seen others mentioned but of course I’m drawing a blank…

(Daniel Porter) #2

Skeinforge or KISSlicer ? I’ve only ever used Cura & Slic3r myself.

(Mike Miller) #3

+1 for KISSlicer

(Daniel Bull) #4

KISSlicer for me as well. Fast, easy to use, lots of options, works on Windows and Linux.

(Andreas Thorn) #5

I’m using @Simplify3D with very nice results. Not free and no demo/trial version which is crappy with a captal C.

(Howard C. Shaw III) #6

Dunno about good, but I believe the paid version of NetFABB has a slicer. Is $299 though, I think. Ok, nope, just checked - only the professional version has slicing, so that is more - no idea how much more, but probably a fair bit, since they just have a ‘get a quote’ button on that page.

(Jason Gullickson) #7

Yeah I think I’ll give KISS a try, I’m just trying to rule out Cura as the cause of the weird infill problem (not that I have reason to suspect it, but it’s easier than swapping out firmware, hardware, etc. :slight_smile:

(Neil Darlow) #8

Why not view the GCode and see whether Cura is introducing the problem. http://gcode.ws allows you to set printer parameters and view layers at emulated print width. That would go a long way to showing you if Cura is the cause of the problem.