What would you do with 2 printer's worth of vitamins? is dead.

What would you do with 2 printer’s worth of vitamins?

#Ingentilire is dead. Long live Ingentilire. Ingentilire - YouTube

Plastic fatigue and less than perfectly constrained cables conspired to bench the printer after the Prusa got here.

The Parts used in my large format printer were thrown together in a Delta that I never really completed…It’s the wrong geometry, it’s a 32-bit controller…I ran out of desire. The Prusa is just that good.

Sure, it’s needed the occasional repair, but the repairs were fairly easy to accomplish, unlike the kitbashed fully DIY printers I made myself.

And now that sub $200 printers produce downright acceptable results, what the heck do I do with a couple of boat anchors?

For me the fun has always been the designing of new printers… So thats how you end up with 7 custom built designs… That mostly sit idle. So I’m probably not a good person to ask.

The Prusa has spoiled me. I got the delta put together with the last of my scrap extrusion to find that It’s not really tall enough…It’s got about a 6" by 6" cylinder before the geometry effects start to kick in…didn’t actually get to mounting the hot end or bed levelling switch.

Kinda sorta looking at i3 frame kits, but honestly the kits are about the price of some good prebuilt printer kits.