What would you all recommend for a home filament recycler? I've been saving all my

What would you all recommend for a home filament recycler? I’ve been saving all my scrap filament. Now I want to know how much I need to save up and what, exactly, I’m saving up for. Any recommendations for home filament extruders? Does anyone have one and does it work?

the designs are around, but the cross shredder is not something i have seen.

You can check out Russ’s Filament Extruder:

check our his previous video about how it is constructed.
It does take PLA/ABS pellets but as far as I know Russ is aiming for grider.
I am looking for it too - stacking up scrap plastics :wink:

I’m looking less for a kit and more for something I can just buy and use.

I know only about this product: http://www.filastruder.com/products/filastruder-kit

Note the filastruder doesn’t have a cross shredder. it accepts pellets and makes filament.

Also the Filabot, which also ended up shipping sans shredder.

I like that filastruder. Didn’t realize they were so cheap. I could have one of those real soon. I think I will.

Now, does anyone know where I can buy ABS pellets and coloring agents?

I saw a product on kick starter last year called Filabot or something to that effect.
Even soda bottles

Plastic degrades every time you melt it. You buy filament (melted once), you print with it (2nd time), grind it up and recycle it into filament again (3rd time) then print with it again (4th). By now it is garbage. Melting temperature is all over the place, lots of crystals, etc. Expect a lot of jams.

If you want the filastruder - they have some kind of partnership with open source printing: http://store.osprintingllc.com/
I have rx’d ABS & PLA pellets. They are new and fresh and they also have master batch for coloring the filament.

Pardon my poor grammer and resulting ambiguity.

But still, none of these have a cross shredder. If you want to kill a print and recycle it you need to cross shred the original before you an remelt it. The fillastruder will accept pellets, which are cheaper, and you can make filament faster then you can print.