What would be your favorite choise for a 3D printer if you'd have to

What would be your favorite choise for a 3D printer if you’d have to spend 500 bucks?
No matter if it’s a building kit or a ready-to-go machine.

Are there delta printers already available for that value? Or dual extruder machines?

Refurb printrbot simple hits right at that price point. You could build a nice machine for that budget if that’s in your interest as well. Or if you want to up your budget a little bit, the Prusa Mk2 is an awesome printer (Make printer of the year).

FolgerTech FT-5 probably but there may even be cheaper on aliexpress

@Shai_Schechter ​​’s DeltaPrintr Go comes in at just under that price point. Though I have no experience with it, it looks like a reliable kit. Their hot end is something I’d love to play with.

The Printrbot play is $400. It’s smaller than the Simple, but it’s a much better design.

@ThantiK the delta go isn’t a kit. And you can purchase the hotend alone and use it with your printer if you make your own mountings

@Whosa_whatsis is right. I love the Play’s design and the prints I did on it were flawless. If you are willing to lose the build area in comparison to the Simple for a more recent/updated design then the Play is an awesome option.

The DeltaPrintr Go looks nice as well. Runs off of smoothieware which I am fond of (but I don’t think you even touch the firmware). Wish there were more vids of them in the wild…

They all seem to be reliable machines. But I can’t see why any of those has any advantages. Any special features?

As far as I remember there have been Reprap-kits about 3 years ago which hit the 400 http://bucks.So I wonder why those simple builds still hit the 500 bucks. Are the printing results way better?

@ThantiK It comes fully assembled - thanks for the shoutout! @Michael_Weber You can check it out here: http://deltaprintr.com/delta-go/ and it’s currently $50 off :wink:

@Matthias_Peschek I wasn’t claiming the Go was a DIY build. https://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Akit

MiltyKoss, my own DIY delta design. 32 bit delta. The bill of materials for a mini kossel size printer with a larger build area comes in under $500, with a Duet 32 bit controller and genuine E3D V6 or Deltaprntr Mini Hotend. I wouldn’t choose a different machine for $1500, though I would change the frame material and scale it up larger.

@AlohaMilton ​: Sounds interesting. Pictures anywhere?

@ThantiK ok that might be a language issue. If I follow your Google search, first result is “Karlsruhe institute for technology”, second is the german Wiki stating a kit is English for an “building kit”

@Matthias_Peschek kit
a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.
“a first-aid kit”
synonyms: equipment, tools, implements, instruments, gadgets, utensils, appliances, tools of the trade, gear, tackle, hardware, paraphernalia

“It looks like a reliable appliance” (if I were to use a synonym)

@Michael_Weber http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1699922

It is not really for a first printer build, but it’s no harder than a DIY delta from a bill of materials like the original Mini Kossel, which it’s based on and shares parts with. It’s actually much easier to assemble as that was the original redesign intention. The corners are easier to assemble and allow mounting on the rails without frame disassembly later on. The Duet controller is really easy to use, ridiculously easy. but its not a kit as it requires purchasing everything separately and requires some decision making and self research, basically follow the mini kossel guides, follow DC42 guide on Duet controller.

Also normal rails can just be retrofitted and used if one has trouble tuning the bushing compression. I don’t have any trouble with it and they stay set at the right distance for over a month now of almost 24/7 printing, hundreds of hours often back to back prints. I don’t see it being a big issue for most, but I wanted the option for myself if they didn’t work. They work, I doubt I will be buying rails ever for a Delta.

As I see it most rails need gravity acting on mass to center the bearings in the channels, especially those with only 2 channels. vertically they are not that great without 4 channels that oppose and preload to take up slop. Very expensive for those better stabilized preloaded types.

FT-5 will be on sale tomorrow :wink:


@Mark_Ellison No I do not own an FT-5, so I think take that opinion with an open mind and skepticism- I have built 2 rep-raps and a eustathios (I recommend all of those open source printers- reprap, eustathios, Prusa, Printrbot)- but I prefer a z-moving bed only (print head moves in x and y) and those can generally be larger, and I prefer a larger 3D printer- certainly in X and Y but large Z is nice too. I just think, for the price and features, from what I saw in a video review- the FT-5 looks like one I might buy. But look on aliexpress too- I am sure there are some really low cost z-moving only 3D printer kits. Either way- open source is so totally the way to go with a 3D printer I think- at least I prefer that.