What would be the appropriate speed a power?

What would be the appropriate speed a power? I have yet to mater raster on skin  (DO NOT TRY THIS I’m joking) 

Vodka is the key component, thats for sure

haha. issue is i dont think it will last, your skin will treat it like a burn, blister and heal. your best hope is to turn up the power and try cause some scaring for that lasting effect :wink:


Wait…isn’t this a great way to get skin cancer!!!

Aaaand blindness! He’s looking at the laser bare eyed…

I would start with lowest power then increase it 1% a a time. Try it on a piece of meet or even better, get your hands on some pig skin.
Should not be that hard.

Wow, just wow.

Take a piece of raw meat from a chicken drumstick if you are curious about if it will work or not. You can’t have it damage the meat under the chicken skin. I second the posts on skin cancer and the body trying to heal away the affects. If you are satisfied with the chicken skin, your next subject would be a mouse or rat that invaded your home because lets face it, it is best to experiment on something you would rather be dead. Of course, some people would consider such experiments on animals to be cruel. It may very well be.
Tattoos work because the dye is not attacked and removed by the immune system and remains after the skin heals.

Hmmm…this kind of reminds me of a show with Arnold Schwarzenegger where the Russians were kicking eachother in the nuts for fun and acting like it did not hurt. I am thinking “NumbNuts!”.
I also notice this guy was bleeding in one spot.

This seems to be the same guy all drunk and breaking a frying pan over his head perhaps a month later.

It show the laser work at about 18-22 seconds and then later on, but none of the spots are long enough to see clearly.

@NathanielStenzel The things you do for fun in Russia. I guess when in Rome…


Lasers have a minimum power that they will lase AFAIK. My 80w doesn’t do much of anything below 20% power which is high enough to slice through skin I would think.

@Brad_Hill My 40w wouldn’t mark when set to below 4mA when it was stock setup. Now I am PWMing the power, I can get 25% of 6mA shooting & leaving a mark (so about 1.5mA maybe?).

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y Good point, my laser doesn’t do PWM.