What would be a good affordable high tourqe nema 17 for a tmc2100?

(Carter Schunk) #1

What would be a good affordable high tourqe nema 17 for a tmc2100? It will be used on my hyper cube to lift a 400mm aluminum build plate.

(Glen Beer) #2

How thick, 3mm? Dual motors?
Any 40mm nema17 will lift it.

(Carter Schunk) #3

@Glen_Beer 1/4in with dual lead screws

(Glen Beer) #4

@Carter_Schunk for sure with dual Z’s you won’t have a problem. I’ve seen builds using one with belts that lift steel bed with everything on it.
This printer is using steel plus aluminum plate and 4mm sheet and has no problem.
.9 degree however the other 3 in the pic are using 1.8 degree 17’s.

(Carter Schunk) #5

@Glen_Beer Would these work, I salvage them from an old printer and just assumed they wouldn’t
http://m-us.gearbest.com - GearBest USA Mobile: FLSUN 3D Printer 4-LEAD Nema17 Stepper Motor 42 Motor Nema 17 Motor 42BYGH 1.7A Motor for CNC XYZ - $16.02 Free Shipping

(Matt C (Matt C)) #6

Nice printer. I have a single standard nema17 using belts and three lead screws. The lead screws are 600mm single start 2mm pitch. The bed frame is 2020 t-slot with a 520mm x 530mm x 3mm aluminum (7075) plate on it. It works beautifully. I needed to reduce the acceleration to prevent skipping but that gives it a very cool slow start and then it gets up to speed as it climbs.

(Glen Beer) #7

@Carter_Schunk yes. In series. They don’t need a lot if the pitch of lead screw is not to aggressive. Extruder works much harder.